Gill Sir is an IELTS Class in Maninagar that is well known for it IELTS teaching and IELTS study material. This IELTS Class is very popular in Maninagar among students due to its IELTS tutor- Gill Sir.
IELTS Classes = basic infrastructure  – After IELTS – Study Abroad  – IELTS Fast track batch – Complete IELTS study material – personalized coaching. – Gill Sir is there for students who require IELTS coaching or English Speaking fundamentals, do not worry, our IELTS tutors will take care of all your needs for the test.  We have free English grammar sessions for IELTS students.

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Our IELTS institute has a solo motto that is to offer IELTS classes and training with best quality and results.Gill Sir is the most recognized IELTS coaching class in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. – The IELTS learners need have to understand the nuances of IELTS modules of listening, reading, writing, and speaking for the IELTS test and that is where we come into picture – AtGill Sir, we help you understand the IELTS exam better. The IELTS institute makes you ready for the IELTS test. Studying at Gill Sir, you have found the best IELTS Classes and English Spoken tutorials in Maninagar.

Do you live in Maninagar, Ahmedabad or nearby and you require IELTS class? Do you wish to get 7 bands in the IELTS test? Do you want to go abroad after IELTS coaching class? Gill Sir is an IELTS  Class located in Maninagar, Ahmedabad to help you find answers to your questions. We offer you complete services from IELTS Coaching and teaching to Visa application at our Maninagar, Ahmedabad office. Gill Sirs IELTS Coaching Institute for IELTS Class in Maninagar, Ahmedabad is located near Good Luck society. Classes for IELTS are taken by a renowned IELTS teacher Mr. S.S.Gill who is known for his English and ELT teaching methods and straightforward nature. He is a strict English language teacher and disciplinarian who has 19 years of English language teaching experience.

Spoken English Class in Maninagar

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Spoken English

Spoken English is a very important today for everyone. We should know proper English if we wish to succeed in our life.There are many ways to succeed in English learning and many strategies. Gill Sir practices best methods to help you learn English and get your career goal fulfilled.


Question1. Is IELTS mandatory for student visa?It is not a mandatory test except in certain countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand. You can apply without IELTS in the USA and the UK and also the rest of the European continent.

France, Poland and Germany have started accepting IELTS scores.

Question2. How much time does it take to do IELTS?It takes from 1 month to 3 months to prepare for IELTS.

Question3. What is the IELTS exam fees?The IELTS exam fees at present is 16,250/- INR only.

Question4. What documents are required for exam registration?Passport, email id, phone no., address, etc.

Question5. What are bands?Bands are the average score you achieve in the IELTS exam.

Question6. What if I fail in IELTS?You can always re-appear.

Question7. Is coaching compulsory in IELTS?It is not compulsory for IELTS preparation that you do coaching.

Question8. How should I choose my coaching class?You can take a demo lecture and then decide.

Question9. What is IELTS Coaching fees?IELTS Coaching fees range from 6000 to 25000 in Ahmedabad. It depends on the institute you choose. Gill Sir charges 8500/- for coaching and visa consultation combined.

Question10. Which coaching class is the best?Every coaching class pays for marketing and it is not necessary that top rankingsby sites like Just Dial are correct. You should find out on your own by visiting classes.

Question11. Can I go abroad after IELTS?You need to get a full profile check; that is what we call assessment at Gill Sir and then onlyyou can really decide.

Question 12. Answer Which IELTS is better?Academic and General modules of IELTS are different. Both are equal. Only the kind of test varies according to the visa application you choose. For Permanence residency purpose,

General is used and for a student visa, Academic is used.

Reading is different in General and writing has a letter instead of a graph which is part of the academic module.