IELTS one skill re-take

Congratulations students,

Now, you can retake only 1 skill of IELTS if you have not had a satisfactory result or are not eligible to apply for a student visa to Canada or the USA. We already know that you can opt for IELTS on the computer or can write the Paper-based IELTS TEST. Many students now opt for the former now. Well, that’s fine, you can go for whichever you like. There is no need to explain that in detail here.

Today, we are discussing about the new IELTS OSR system which may be a boon for many students across the globle. So, if you have not achieved your desired score in any one of the IELTS modules – listening, reading, writing or speaking, you can go back and re-attempt that one particular module to improve your band/score which will (if you get better band) affect your overall bands. For example:

You get 6 bands in speaking, 7 in writing, 7 in listening but 5.5 in reading then you can re-attempt reading and in case you get 6.5 this time in reading then your overall bands will change.

Let’s look at the total aggregate of the bands:

Old score- speaking 6 + writing 7 + listening 7 + 5.5 reading

= 6.5 bands overall score



New score- speaking 6 + writing 7 + listening 7 + 6.5 reading

= 7 bands overall score

Students should not forget that this feature is not available for paper-based test. In other words, the OSR feature is only available for the Computer-based IELTS exam.

Afer the s test you get another  TRF which is an updated and new TRF that you can use for the student visa application in Canada or USA or Australia.

This feature is available for the IELTS academic and IELTS general module. Recently, one of the Gill Sir students wished for the IELTS OSR to improve scores in one module. And it is not so difficult to do so. All the features to re-take the test are available in the IELTS student panel.

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