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To study in Canada is the greatest dream of a Punjabi or a Gujarati person. In other words, Canada is the hottest destination to study abroad and mostly all of the Indians prefer this location to study.

Gill Sir makes it simple to study in Canada. We help students to study in Canada as it is not difficult if we know the right process.

So, what is the process to study in Canada? First of all to study in a country like Canada, you need a perfect documentation and profile which Gill Sir will help you prepare for.

And the most important thing that you require is IELTS result, in which our team will prove helpful in many ways. You have to get the right result in IELTS and Gill Sir helps you achieve it.

There are  various options of courses in front of a student who wishes to study in Canada. There are course related to health science, medicine, pharmacy, computers, engineering and business. Before you choose to study,

you have to make up your mind on what kind of course you will take up for your study in a country like Canada.


There is a thing to keep in mind that Canada is highly popular as a study destination among students but what are some of the important reasons that you should choose Canada to study?

This question about studying in Canada is worth considering. Once you determine and are sure then it becomes easier to take the right course to study in Canada and build your career in a foreign country.


Study in Canada - Get a student Visa for Canada with Gill Sir's complete support for Study Abroad studies and Canada Overseas agent- Gill Sir.

At Gill Sir we offer you the best support for your study in Canada with various study abroad/Canada options. Gill Sir offers you IELTS,Visa Services, information on study in Canada, help with College Admission, SOP, LOR, Student loan for Canada,etc

We offer you free IELTS if you opt for Canada student  visa application from our Maninagar center. Gill Sir gives you the best choices and helps you to select a good college or university in  Canada.

At Gill Sir we have the best resources to help you to reach your dream destination – Canada.

Why  Choose Gill Sir and Study in Canada?


Here is the example of Simranpreet who choose to study in Canada. She made the decision rightly.

Before she came to Gill Sir, she has already a clear study plan to choose a course, study and the kind of destination she will choose to study in Canada. Gill Sir made her complere applicaitoin, filing and finance simple and helped her achieve her aim to study in Canada.

At present Simranpreet studies in Canada and is earning and has a good source of income in Canada. She has worked hard to reach her dream destination Canada and to study there.

Do you know who was Gill Sir’s first student to go to Canada and how did he reach Canada? This is a fact worth knowing.

Know more about Gill Sir and find out about other courses of Gill Sir like Spoken English which is a very good course taught by Gill Sir and team in Maninagar , besides courses like IELTS/TOEFL and PTE.


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