Navdeep Singh challenges IELTS and asks better assessment.

Navdeep Singh challenges IELTS and asks better assessment.

12 May, 2019 04:15:44 PM

Navdeep Singh an upcoming Punjabi politician from the Party Greens has verbally criticized the system of IELTS and wishes to re-modify the system in Australia so that more and more people get an opportunity be become a PR of Australia.

Navdeep had a complete interview in Punjabi and he explained himself on various issues and changes that are required in a country like Australia.

IELTS and its system was one of the targets that he had set himself on besides social differences, environment and political approaches in Australia. Mr. Singh called the political methods of Australia to be old school and un-developing and wants to bring a greater change in Australia.

Navdeep Singh pointed out that many times student has to appear for IELTS again and again which is not a very happy news. He also said that many students feel as if harassed and their time an energy is wasted in a bad way.

He pointed out many issues in the system of IELTS and he made many bold statements in the relation of the system of IELTS.

However, he finally said that his party will bring many changes to the system of IELTS and will be more co-operative and helpful to immigrants of Canada, may be he was pointing out the Indian applicants.

We wish that Indian get more citizen ships once his party Greens comes to power.