IELTS Online Class

IELTS Online Class

01 Jun, 2019 03:32:30 PM

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We provide coaching for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and Spoken English


Learn from gill sir online.

IELTS Tips and Tricks.

The gill sir offers practice tests and preparation material.
We will provide IELTS books and free copies for your preparation for you.
Students can also provide sample tests for IELTS Academic sample tests and General IELTS sample tests.
This online class will provide test booking information and facility to you.

Visa assistance by gill sir for colleges worldwide.
We will provide you update methodology and material for your IELTS study online.
gill sir helps you know your IELTS score and understand your level of English and bands in IELTS.
With Gill Sir’s IELTS Coaching online, you will be able to build an approach to the recent tests of IELTS and examination.
The online coaching will help you develop a smooth approach to and simulate real exam conditions of the IELTS test.
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You can prepare for your IELTS test online

with the support of a well know and recognized tutor Mr. Gill Sir from Ahmedabad. Without difficulty you will be able to clear all the four modules of the IELTS. As a student, you will be able to understand what is the concept of reading and listening. You will also be able to understand what is the difficulty that you can face and how will you be able to solve it with our much appreciated online coaching for IELTS.

The goal of our IELTS online class is to help students achieve their goal and get the optimum level of score in the form of IELTS bands up to 7 or more if required. In the past, we have been able to help students reach their goal and got the best out of them with our IELTS online classes.

Our teaching method in the online class helps students understand things like, how to develop their answers in the form of giving opinions, exhibit examples, etc. Gill Sir and team teaches students across the world with the support of different tools that have been developed for this IELTS online class and coaching support.

To give you the complete idea about how do we teach and support you with our IELTS online class, Gill Sir has developed a YouTube channel which gives you a complete idea with pieces of information about our IELTS class online which you will be attending in future because we know that you wish to know how do we teach the IELTS modules online.

Online Class for IELTS on the Gill Sir website fulfills the needs of students to understand, practice, and master the new IELTS which is now completely computerized for your advantage. We also conduct webinars, talks, seminars and talks to make you understand the reading, writing, listening, and speaking modules of IELTS online.

7 band target – with our IELTS online class.

Gill Sir with its IELTS online class helps you achieve the 7 band target. How? That is the question. First of all, we help you understand what are 7 bands and how 7 bands can be achieve with the help of our online class. We also make you understand how and why our students achieved 7 bands in the past and how did we support them. Like the 7 habits of successful people what were their habits and many more things like the techniques, ideas, method, and tricks that help you get 7 bands. We also make you understand what the IELTS test expect from you and what you should be doing? Gill Sir with its IELTS online class helps you understand what does the IELTS examiner expects from you?

Our IELTS Class online

is well structure, methodological and specific. Gill Sir is no random or XYZ class. Gill Sir is Gill Sir. We teach in the right way and we believe that we have to deliver the best to the students so leave no room for errors. Like many teacher coming online like the IELTS LIZ, David,etc, we know one thing that Gill Sir has to work on high benchmarks in teaching IELTS online.

What are you looking for? Gill Sir knows that you are looking for an experienced and qualified trainer for IELTS and your search has ended here if you choose the online IELTS Class by Gill Sir. Gill Sir has more than 18 years of teaching experience in teaching English and offers the best IELTS Classes.

Gill Sir has created a free app that functions if your internet is live. If you load this app, you will be able to access complete lessons provided by Gill Sir. We will let you know how to use this app for your IELTS online class. For this you have to contact us and we will show you how to apply this app to get the optimum advantage for your IELTS online learning.

We help students create proper notes, details, and information for their IELTS preparation. By using our IELTS notes and study material, students can get 7 bands or even more. Our notes for your online IELTS preparation are fully loaded with complete information and practice exercises which help you improve your ability to score better in your IELTS test.

Why should you join our IELTS online class? First of all we would like to tell you that, you will get unlimited classes for IELTS online. That means, in any condition, if you are not able to finish the course, you do not have to pay us any extra fees and you can continue our online class for IELTS. With this facility, you do not lose any extra money which usually happens. Mostly, what happens is students have to spend again if they do not get the desired band or are unable to finish their IELTS course online.

This class online will help you have direct interactive lessons with the faculty Gill Sir himself, so that means that our assistants are not going to teach you. Moreover, you are not interacting with a software or watching video online, you are directly learning from a qualified teacher Mr. Gill Sir online.

You will have practice tests, model answers, answer sheets, exam question papers, and mock tests for IELTS.

There will be completely free classes for grammar and IELTS exam tips and tricks. You will understand the 4 modules in-depth and Mr. Gill Sir will give your explanation of valid and invalid answers, approach, presentation of IELTS tasks, correction of errors, basic and various steps through this IELTS online class.

A special class for IELTS speaking and writing will be conducted by Gill Sir online. In the process, you will be given complete guidance of one on one about writing and speaking techniques. The most important aspect of this IELTS training is that you will get the opportunity to directly have speaking sessions with Mr. Gill Sir who will take your speaking tests online.

All the students will be provided model answers for the IELTS writing section so that they can refer to them online as well as offline and Gill Sir will give appropriate guidance on how to use them. With these model answers from our IELTS online class, you will be able to understand how writing is marked 5,6,7 or 8 bands in the IELTS test.

There will be sessions of feedback on your performance and you will be able to understand on what level you stand and how can you improve your performance in the IELTS test. In other words, as a student, you will have in hand full assessment, guidance and advice about your IELTS preparation online.

In the class, you will be awarded the right bands according to the system of the IELTS exam which will make you competent in understanding the requirement and demand of the IELTS test.

We will share with you important audio files and PDFs that are very important for your IELTS preparation online and even offline.

The Gill Sir has an IELTS forum which will be completely free for you and you can use all the material, resources, and information on it completely free without having to spend any money. An ID and password will be provided to you for both our APP and the IELTS forum which will be very useful for your study online.

Call Gill Sir anytime.

Do you know that we take only limited students and that makes it possible for every student to have direct interaction with Gill Sir? You can call Mr. Gill Sir any time from morning 7:00 AM to evening 9;00 PM – INDIA Time only after you join our IELTS online class. This means you can get your QUERY solved any time between the given hours without any hesitation and have direct interaction with faculty himself.

A complete guide on how to use our lessons and the method of teaching and also how will the online classes for IELTS will be conducted will be sent to you. A dedicated person will get back to you to solve your queries and problems.

The online lessons will be stored for you with your profile and you will be able to see your success and in each lesson. There will be information on how much you have completed the lesson and how have you performed in each of your topics for IELTS.

There will be exams and quizzes for both General and Academic modules of the IELTS online.

The most important thing is that Gill Sir also teaches students who have low level in English and it is on record that we have been successful in improving the level of English of students which finally helped them to clear their IELTS test.

100s of students have cleared the test with both our online and offline coaching. An important issue is that we have seen many of the students of other classes appearing and reappearing for the IELTS but with our IELTS online course, you will not have to APPEAR for the TEST ONCE ONLY.

The IELTS exam is not difficult with our IELTS online class. Once you understand the nuances, tips, tricks, and strategies which Gill Sir teaches you; you will soon be able to crack the IELTS quickly.

Our fees are the lowest and you can compare it with online or offline/direct IELTS Class. To know more you can contact us on  +91 9898334999 or leave a WHATSAPP message.

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Get online IELTS Coaching with Gill Sir, IndiaGill Sir, is a well know IELTS Coaching Class and Institute in Ahmedabad which offers you online coaching and guidance for IELTS, TOEFL, and the PTE. If you have not got the required score in IELTS, you can contact us and we will give you the solution for your problem. We teach you in various ways and provide you with the best learning material, books, and faculty who guide throughout the process.IELTS