Gill Sir Speaks in his first ever video on TV News Channel. Usually he does not make any video appearance but he has done this for a very deep purpose and for the cause he has commited his life to – EDUCATION.

Speaks about the facts of #IELTS

Gill Sir aka S S Gill speaks about various issues related to the IELTS learning, English Speaking Skills and the Visa process.

Know the facts and truths about IELTS, Spoken English and Visa Applications with Gill Sir aka S S Gill.

A direct interview for your life and career if you are interested to know what is IELTS and the Visa Application Process

Malpractices in the field of education revealed by S.S. Gill. There are things disucssesd like how wrong commitments are made to customers/students for visa and other study abroad related services. All the questions are answered in Gujarati.  Bhavika Shah the news anchor asks typical questions only to reveal that there are multiple wrong practices happening in the field of IELTS Coaching and education in Ahmedabad and in India.

Mr. S.S.Gill clarifies each reason behind the various problems faced by students who go for IELTS Exam. Many of the consultants do wrong practices which are exposed by Gill Sir team. We help you understand what you should and should not do if you choose to do IELTS and what to be aware of if you go to a VISA AGENT or the IELTS Coaching Center anywhere in Ahmedabad or in India.

Gill Sir is a team which believes in complete honesty, hardwork and trust and stands for it in the field of education and #IELTS Coaching and also #Visa consultation.


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