There are some facts about English language which often go unnoticed many times. Usually, we do not pay attention to them because really we never think that it is required. Anyway, today we will give you a small list of information which will be a little not much useful to you. We do not pay heed to these facts unless we come across such ideas.

So here are some small facts about English Language

New Words-

A new word is added to English Dictionary in every two hours. So just imagine in what speed English language is growing.



The word time is the most commonly used word of the English language.


This word of English does not have any vowel and its also considered to the longest word that does not have vowel.

I am-

In English language, I am is considered to be the shortest sentence. It has only two words- I and am.


This word does not exist in English language but was printed in the dictionary by mistake. It does not have any meaning and does not exist in English.


It is the shortest word and is the most used word in English. It is also a letter and word in English

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