English Speaking/Spoken English FAQ’s


How can I learn English?

You can learn English on your own or by joining a good class or with a good English teacher.

Is English really difficult?

No. Its not true.

Do we need to know grammar?

Yes, some what.

Is it compulsory to join Spoken English Course?


Why did my friend learn English faster?

Yes, it happens in certain cases. Not all.

I have studied from Gujarati Medium, can I learn?

Yes. 100%

My age is 40, can I learn English?spoken English course

Yes, there is not age for learning and attitude matters.

I get bored very easily, can I learn?

Sorry, you first have to learn not to get bored and then learn anything else; English not excluded.

I tried but I failed in learning English, what should I do?

It happens. But it is not a final failure. Change your attitude and  you will learn English.

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