Today we shall discuss with you some of the major controversies around the IELTS test which have occurred thought time and people had suffered due to it. We are not taking up this subject to defame the IELTS examination system but to make people aware of how they can avoid certain trouble and issues related to the IELTS exam.

You might not have heard commonly but as test trainers, gill sir has seen that many people come to our coaching center asking and trying to find possibilities to cheat in the IELTS TEST. Yes, it is shocking but true that students and their parents are involved in such approaches finally reaching nowhere in the world.

There is another possibility that people want to try out, which is getting their papers rechecked expecting that the result will change. But as per our experience, this has almost happened to the extent of 0.5% which can also be called nil result. So, it is not at all a good idea as well.

You will be also shocked to know that, today there are a dozen websites and also Facebook pages that tell you that you can buy an IELTS Certificate and gill sir wonders then – “why are so many people preparing for IELTS EXAM on this planet?”

Another major issue is many people are today made to run after the score 7778. Well the popular phrase triple seven eight, is nothing but a very difficult and unrealistic drama for many people who don’t know English well and such people are pushed or lured into taking the test to attain the golden score of 7778

There is another huge controversy and an issue raised by all students who appear for the IELTS exam which is – Which one is better IDP or British Council? Which will deliver me a better test result? Well, gill sir is clean and clear about it that only hard work will give you the result and not the choice of IDP or British Council.

A major question that hovers in the mind of the student is that “Is my IELTS result correct or the checking has been done loosely?” The answer by gill sir is very simple and straight that you should rule out all such possibility except in one in lac. Usually, we have come across rarest of such cases but it does not occur generally.

One of the most interesting thing that our tutors have come across is – “What will happen if I express my opinion on a subject in the IELTS test?” Friends, be assured that nothing will ever happen and your IELTS score will not be affected in any way if you genuinely express your opinion.

With the introduction of the computer-based IELTS, many students are putting forth a question daily. They want to know which one is better and easier. Students also want to know which can be cracked easily. As such, it should not be a problem and the answer is simple. The more computer savvy you are; the easier it is to crack the computer-based IELTS test.

So, these were some of the small and big issues connected to the IELTS test. The Gill Sir team hopes that we have answered your query through this article.

And finally, in the past there have been cases of fraud test results, centers doing mass copy and fake IELTS results that were cleared and sorted out by the IELTS exam body.