I visit the Grand Canyon _________ I go to Arizona. (once, whenever, wherever)
This is the place _________ we stayed last time we visited. (where, when, how)
_________ you win first place, you will receive a prize. (wherever, if, unless)
You won’t pass the test _________ you study. (when, if, unless)

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I could not get a seat, _________ I came early. (as, though, when)
We are leaving Wednesday _________ or not it rains. (if, whether, though)
Pay attention to your work _________ you will not make mistakes. (so that, unless, or)
The musicians delivered a rousing performance _________ they had rehearsed often. (though, as, once)
She’s honest _________ everyone trusts her. (if, so, when)
Write this down _________ you forget. (or, when, lest)

Answers: 1 – whenever, 2 – where, 3 – if, 4 – unless, 5 – though, 6 – whether, 7- so that, 8 – as, 9 – so, 10 – lest