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S.S. Gill Sir,  is a Spoken English teacher in Maninagar, with more than 18 years of experience in teaching English and hold M.A..B.Ed, Phd in English language and literature.

Learning Spoken English is easy with Gill Sir. You do not  have to spend on books and material. The Gill Sir faculty provides it to you. Gill Sir faculty teaches you how to read, write and speak in English language. We teach you everything about English from the basics. Gill Sir also runs IELTS coaching, so you can take the IELTS TEST once you finish your English Speaking training.

Located in Maniangar, Gill has other centers in Narol, Vastral, C.G.road and Isanpur, Ahmedabad. With various widespread and potent centers to teach English, the Gill Sir team has made a name for itself and gained a mileage in the field of English teaching and education.

At our Maninagar center, Gill Sir and its faculty teach student to speak, write and work deeply with the English language and vocabulary. The student of English gets a great hold over the British tongue and speaks with easy flow and ability and also gains an edge over the competitive market today.

As and when English language is becoming a great tool to expose yourself in the open market globally and international, Gill Sir brings an opportunity at its Maningar center to learn this language in various modes and accents like the British accent and the American accent of English.

Gill Sir in Maninagar has built a great name and repute for itself in the field of English language teaching and studies. Gill Sir started from a very small center in Maniangar and has built into  vast classrooms, library, counselling and study abroad visa consultant in Maninagar, Ahmedabad.

Anybody  today who wants to learn English in a proper way thinks of Gill Sir and his team and totally relies and trusts them. The Gill Sir team has worked hard to build a reputation for themselves in the field of English Speaking and learning. For that, Gill Sir has developed various English learning and teaching resources which help a student of this global language to get a greater command over it by building vocabulary and grammar.

So, it is best to join the best Spoken English class in Maninagar, Gill Sir which offers you everything to learn and grasp English and makes you understand the nuances of Spoken English and grammar. So why wait and waste time, just join the best Spoken English Class in Maninagar, Ahmedabad – Gill Sir.


So you want to learn English. And we will say that it is a very good idea but what have you planned for it? What are you going to do about it? What steps will you take is the question?

According to Gill Sir’s teaching methodology we recommend that you have to understand a few facts about English language before you find any substantial basis or have a powerful ground in English speaking skills.

Spoken English in Maniangar
Gill Sir recommends certain steps for your better English


To learn English, you have to understand that it is not a simple language as Hindi, Gujartati, Marathi, Haryanvi, Marvadi, etc. It is a very award language and you have to accept its awkwardness.

If you want to learn thoroughly, you


E is the most used letter in English-

We surely never discussed that E is the most used word in English. WOW!

ghost words in English
Ghost Words

Ghost Words

We can call some words – Ghost …oooooo

Why do we call them ghost words? These words are Ghost words because they are used many times by many people but they do not actually have any meaning.


If you rearrange letters in a word you get new word and that is an Anagram.

  • customers” = “store scum”
  • “forty five” = “over fifty”
  • “restful” = “fluster”


Is it possible to build words without vowel. Yes, it is possible. One  such  long word is

Rhythm which does not have a vowel.

ambigram in english


There are words in a language that you can see upside down in water and they not change. One such words is SWIMS.


The script of English language is not original. The language uses script of Latin language. Most of the languages have their own script but not English. Like English, other languages also use Latin script.







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