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Select a Spoken English Course…

How to select a good Spoken English Course? સારો અંગ્રેજી કોર્સ કેવી રીતે પસંદ કરવો? English language is becoming more and more important these days and it is the need of the hour to select a right course of action to learn English so that we can cope up with the world as early as […]

સારું શું છે ?is pte better or ielts?

Is PTE better or IELTS?   IELTS  અને PTE વચ્ચે કેટલીક સમાનતાઓ છે. There are some similarities between IELTS and PTE.  For example both are available in computer based format. IELTS and PTE have both similar sections in Reading , Writing, and Listening. The difference is mainly in the speaking section unlike IELTS you do […]

Why you should go to Canada?

તમારે કેનાડા કેમ ન જવું જોઈએ /Why you should not go to Canada? કઈ પરિસ્થિતિ માં ન જવું જોઈએ? In which situation you should avoid going to Canada?   ફક્ત કામ કરવા માટે. Only to work there… You should not go to Canada if you have decided that you will only work and not study if […]

Should you join the course : Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests

Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests Should you join the course by British Council.    First of all see the aim of the course, which is to build the basic of English language, so keep in mind the aim. That is what we can tell you about it with this glance. Want to know more […]

અંગ્રેજી જાણ્યા વગર IELTS જોઈન કરી – ગિલ સર

અંગ્રેજી જાણ્યા વગર એલ્ટ્સ જોઈન કરી Did you start IELTS without understanding basics of English- According to Gill Sir , it is the most horrible mistake to do? Know why? જાણો   Failure in completing course – IELTS પૂરો નહિ થાય.  Don’t know grammar – વ્યાકરણ નથી આવડતું  Can’t read English-  વાંચતા નથી આવડતું  Waste of Money […]

100% Free IELTS Preparation Ideas.

  Completely free IELTS Preparation.. Don’t Spend a single penny on IELTS Class. Have you ever imagined that you don’t have to spend anything on IELTS Coaching- Just pay for IELTS exam fees. Do you want to do IELTS preparation for Free? Yes, Gill Sir will give you complete information on how not to spend anything […]

important links for IELTS

Today, Gill Sir brings you the best websites for your IELTS preparation. With the help of these websites, Gill Sir believes that you can achieve the best in you IELTS test. This is one of the websites to prepare for IELTS, Not a very extraordinary website, it gives you basic information on IELTS and […]

IELTS Exam Fees in Ahmedabad, Maninagar

The  best IELTS Coaching Class in Ahmedabad, Gill Sir, The top 10 IELTS Coaching Centers in Ahmedabad – Gill Sir Gill Sir proved itself as leader in Spoken English,IELTS,TOEFL, PTE . Gill Sir has developed its course for IELTS, PTE, GRE and TOEFL. There is no need to say that Gill Sir is a major […]

IELTS-Student Visa

Gill Sir is a student visa consultant in Maninagar. Do you want to apply for student visa? Have you decided to go abroad? What are your ideas about study abroad? Advantages and disadvantages of going to Canada? Should you study in USA? Do you have a dream to study in Harvard University?   Gill Sir […]

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