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IELTS Online Class – Call 9898334999

Call 9898334999 and join now. Join IELTS Coaching with Gill Sir- Direct class by the Gill Sir – online. Join IELTS Coaching – Get 7 bands with our coaching online. We provide coaching for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and Spoken English Learn from Gill Sir online. IELTS Tips and Tricks. The Gill Sir offers practice tests and preparation […]

How can you improve English Skills?

English Skills Some of the important methods to improve your English. It is very important for you to improve English today. Do we need this to remind and make a point. No you already know that you have to improve English Skills. Some of the important techniques to improve your English skills is given by […]


  This is one of the best movies, I have ever seen in my life. Without stating directly about visa agents and IELTS academies, this movie points them out with artistic comedy and flair. The whole plot is laid by Gurpreet Gugghi who runs an IELTS academy and dupes students with wrong commitments and lies. […]

IELTS is now computerized test- Go take your IELTS on computer now

Computer based tests have already been conducted in Bangladesh and India already. So, that also means that IELTS is all set for you- tested and ready to go ahead with on a computer.This does not mean that the paper based (traditional style) has gone.  It still exists and you can also go for that option if you do not want to attempt the computer based IELTS.

TOEFL Exam – Gill Sir (ahmedabad)

TOEFL is a test used to check on your proficiency of English language TOEFL is a test used to check on your proficiency of English lanugage and it makes you qualified to apply as a student or professional abroad in countries like the USA. Gill Sir (Ahmedabad) gives you complete insight into TOEFL Exam. What […]

How Visa Agents Cheat Clients?

How Visa Agents Cheat?  વિઝા એજન્ટ્સ તમને કેવી રીતે ચીટ કરે છે? વિઝા એજન્ટો છેતરપિંડીમાં જોડાય છે. There are various ways that visa agents engage in cheating. Today we will mention a few to make you understand how you can avoid these snares so that you never get cheated by a visa agent. આ તમામ […]

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