Year: 2019

Changes in the IELTS

There are some noticeable changes in the IELTS Exam.Which are they? You should know them now.Old and New System.The IELTS has now become online test and computer based. So, now you can write your paper on the computer. You do not have to use paper based system. But the paper based test that is the old IELTS has not stopped. People who wish to go for the old type of test can still go ahead for it.Speaking module will still remain as face to face interview method and there is no change in it.

Why is English a world language?

English has become a world language due to various reasons…. It is not a story of a single day but it is a process that made English a world language. Is there politics and power involved in it? Hundred percent, there is complete background of Politics and Power behind English being pushed as a world […]

Kaala Movie Rajnikanth, Nanapatekar

Kaala- The Movie The movie Kaala is symbolic of darkness and light. On one side there is the darkness Kaala which is acutally light and on the other there is a man who wears white clothes but has a black heart symbolized and played by Nana Patekar. The more is not only about a war […]

How can you improve English Skills?

English Skills Some of the important methods to improve your English. It is very important for you to improve English today. Do we need this to remind and make a point. No you already know that you have to improve English Skills. Some of the important techniques to improve your English skills is given by […]

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