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Why is English a world language?

English has become a world language due to various reasons….

There are multiple reasons behind the phenomenon and they are justifiable. English was made to or kept on gaining importance; both the facts seem to be true equally.

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It is not a story of a single day but it is a process that made English a world language.

Is there politics and power involved in it? Hundred percent, there is complete background of Politics and Power behind English being pushed as a world language.

The whole story beings when the British started to rule the whole world and it was said that the sun never sets in the British Empire and indeed that was so. The Britishers ruled the whole earth at a point of time and if there was night in one part of the British Empire, there was morning in the other part of it.

In such circumstances and due to various reasons British language was supposed to be the world language.

The first need was to communicate. The officers and the locals could only communicate through English as there was not other medium and source for the British and they was rare that they adopted to the local language but in turn they wanted the locals to adopt to their mother tongue.

The second was their need to dominate the world which was their focus and the English language was the best source to impress in the minds of the people that English be adopted and supersedes leaving a psychological impact on the minds of the dominated race.

So, the English consciously decided to force or help the states with English where ever they dictated.

Now, in the process what happened? English which was supposed to dominate started adopting the languages of the places they ruled. Today, English has Arabic, Hindi, German, Celtic words in its vocabulary and the  reason is the adoption of foreign language that happened as a part of give and take that happened between Britishers and the oppressed.

So, today we see a completely new form of English and this can be realized only by people who have read and understood the old English a little bit.

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Spoken English in Maninagar

Spoken English in Maninagar


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