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My Dream – Essay Sample 4.5

My Dream – Essay Sample 4.5 bands.

This essay sample is only 4.5 bands which is written by a student.


I have lot of dreams like to become a successful entrepreneur, cricketer, good speaker, swimmer, and more other things. But my favourite dream is become a successful entrepreneur it is my dream because I love creativity, innovation, invention. I am very unique person so I deserve unique dream like this.

I am studying in India’s First Start-up University Swarrnim start-up and innovation university. It is provide adon start-up degree of Entrepreneurship and my dream is become a successful entrepreneur so i have my dream product a mid-air Switch magnetic lamp. It is very unique and very attractive product. And it is invention not innovation and it is my dream product.

2 years back Netherland launch a magnetic lamp but it is not work on magnet it is work on very simple method but they show it is operate using magnet and that product nowadays available in amazon and more other online shopping sites this product price is 66 US $ in Indian currency 4000/-RS.

It is very costly because in India middle class and upper middle class population is very high. And it is very costly for their. They think why i am spend 4,000/-RS for lamp and I am also think about this. I am thinking about this product at every day in my free time and one day I was think and do commitment with myself I can do this than I was start to make a prototype of this product in low cost and one day I am success and that day i am very happy. Because i was make this product in only 900/-RS so it is very helpful for middle class and upper middle class population. and my product is very different compare to Netherland’s hence lamp. I am using different technology in lamp and which is never use before so it is invention.

I am using magnetic sensor REED SWITCH SENSORE it is use in laptop but I am use this sensor in lamp and I am provide digital clock as well as turbo power mobile charger in lamp and in this product lamp’s switch in mid-air without any support and it is main attraction of product. And it is made in Indian product. This product is provide good quality in low price and  this product launch in India keep in mind of the middle class and upper middle class population.


Sri Aurobindo – An Essay

Here is an sample essay on Sri Aurobindo in 250 word limit.

Sri Aurobindo- An Essay.

Sri Aurobindo is not as popular as Tagore or other patriots, scholars and yogis but in his philosophy, learning and knowledge he was far beyond others of his kind; in fact he is a unique and we can really say there are any people of his kind.

Sri Aurobindo though a born Bengali scaled in knowledge and thought process on the global and universal level. Today his thoughts and ideas are implemented everywhere through direct or indirect influence in many ways. Sri Aurobindo’s literary work is so deep and concerning that one stands in awe before this ocean of knowledge if I am permitted to use such a hyperbole.

Sri Aurobindo, I prefer to read him the best when he writes on yoga and divine things but he had much to say on topics like molecule, scientific research, laws of physics, music, etc on which he never expressed his detailed knowledge in any of his works but gave us flashes and glimpses of his divine ideas. However, he wrote in detail about English literature and poetry and there is a book called “Future Poetry” which I love to read all the time. In this book, he writes about nature of poetry, its inspiration, the inspiration and ability of English poets, etc.


Sri Aurobindo did not claim to be a philosopher, nor do I think was his goal to be one, but in his work “Life Divine”, he turns out to a philosopher par excellence when expresses his thoughts in the line of the Vedas and Upanishads and takes them beyond into his own world of Supramental philosophy.

There are many other scholarly works of Sri Aurobindo and his poetry is a mass of contribution to world English literature and writing which we heartily revere and cherish. In his writings we get eternal ideas and knowledge expressed in a beautiful and esoteric cum practical way.


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