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As said earlier, Gill Sir is an award winning institute for English programs. We have achieved the Education Excellence Award in English Language Training.

The advanced level course for Spoken English at Gill Sir is endowed with special elements of English language training and is full of resources for a person who wants to have a higher level of training in English. English though foreign language is full of lucrative for Indian people. It is not that there is just an attraction for English language in the Indian psyche, the future will see a very unique user of English language in certain ways.

English has been described as the language of poetry as

Awarded for Coaching of Spoken English, IELTS and TOEFL Exams in Ahmedabad
Awarded for English Language Training

well as suitable for economy. It has seen 100s of suns in the world and is rich with flavor of the different lands of the world. Rightly called the world language many people today feel at home with a foreign tongue which sometimes surprises them and at many times is surprised by the artistry of its users.

The tongue of the a Britisher is today the sound of the world. The Britisher in his rare dreams would never have thought that his mother tongue will soon be the aunt tongue crores or rather he would have, who knows…

English today has also changed the lives of people in certain way. It is sometimes funny, but many people today change their life styles along with the acquisition of this language. This sometimes  is seen as hypocrisy by certain people, anyway the phenomenon is indicative.

There may or may not be any change in lifestyle but many people today are keen to adapt the language and want to take it home. They want to put it in numerous uses in their own way and this brings the existence of institutions which provide the knowledge of English language. I would not like to mention here which among them are genuine or committed but philosophically they exist.


In this scenario we are here to fulfill our today toward the great economic,cultural and psychological need of English today. Still it is all together a different matter whether English which functions English will fulfill but it does have an Economic need at the present moment.