E is the most used letter in English-

We surely never discussed that E is the most used word in English. WOW!

ghost words in English
Ghost Words

Ghost Words

We can call some words – Ghost …oooooo

Why do we call them ghost words? These words are Ghost words because they are used many times by many people but they do not actually have any meaning.


If you rearrange letters in a word you get new word and that is an Anagram.

  • customers” = “store scum”
  • “forty five” = “over fifty”
  • “restful” = “fluster”


Is it possible to build words without vowel. Yes, it is possible. One  such  long word is

Rhythm which does not have a vowel.

ambigram in english


There are words in a language that you can see upside down in water and they not change. One such words is SWIMS.


The script of English language is not original. The language uses script of Latin language. Most of the languages have their own script but not English. Like English, other languages also use Latin script.







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