Spoken English

join the best Spoken English in Maninagar at Gill Sir. Gill Sir is the best coaching classes/training institute in Maninagar for English language. We provide English Speaking Classes, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Coaching and classes in many more courses.

How we came into existence?

We started growing from the year 2002 onwards but it was challenge to start a Spoken English institute in Maninagar because of the lack of resources, money and other facilities. Gill Sir could not get its start up immediately. But slowly time passed and we grew from a personal coaching class into a full fledged Spoken English learning center.


Spoken English Course in Maninagar
spoken English class

Gill Sir – Spoken English in Maninagar

We started our center at Maninagar long back when there was new trend of Spoken English. Then Mr. B.S. Gill, Mr. S. S. Gill’s father started it and there was nothing like the name of Gill Sir or anything. And later Mr. B.S. Gill discontinued the classes.

But soon S. S. Gill who has now devoted more than 15 years of his life in search of building a strong base in education realized that he had done nothing in the field of education in spite of so many efforts made in the past by him.


Not telling much about the difficulties face, Gill Sir is an outcome of extraordinary efforts and struggle of Mr. S. S. Gill in the field of education.

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