Spoken English

How to learn English Language? Gill Sir, Maninagar

Spoken English

You should first try to learn grammar of English. Grammar of English is very important. At gill sir we teach different techniques of grammar. We have to teach you the best ideas on grammar and English learning.

What is vocabulary?

Shabdabhadol – as it is called in Gujarati. The collection and the right use of words in English language is vocabulary. You have to learn the right words and good amount of them to be used in English language. This is what is the general belief. You will have a unique experience of this at gill sir. With our classes you will have a different experience in regard to vocabulary learning.

Pronunciation- Ucchaar

Speaking, articulating or say pronouncing the English words correctly is very important in English language. English requires that you should speak the words properly and in the right manner. We teach this to you at gill sir in the most appropriate way.  gill sir is the best place to learn it in the best and easy way.

(There are various ways that you can learn English but all of it not here – only at our coaching center at Gill Sir, Maniangar. Ahmedabad)


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