The full form of IELTS  is   INTERNATIONAL




This is an important test to take if you are willing to go abroad especially to foreign countries of Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK and Australia. Now even non-English Speaking countries like Germany and France look up to your IELTS test result. In this situation doing IELTS becomes very important before you really think of applying for your visa anywhere. In other words it is better to have your IELTS result first than directly making a conditional application to a foreign college and get visa later on. As such, it becomes unconditional once you get your IELTS result and submit it to college. Now all that is a differrent matter on which you can consult a study abroad agent like us. (you can refer to our study abroad site.) (we offer free visa advice and service for many countries)

Now, the IELTS is divided in to four sections of test.




and Speaking.

Listening is approximately of 38 minutes and needs listening skills. You have to read, listen and write simultaneously.

Reading is of full 1  hour. You have to answer approximately 40 questions and write in answer sheet.

Writing has 2 tasks which are of 1 hour.

Speaking is given on another day which lasts for maximum 5 to 10 minutes.

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