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IELTS Classes- Maninagar Spoken English- PTE- TOEFL

Gill Sir offers you both Spoken English and IELTS Course for your need. We offer you the best coaching classes and training material for IELTS. Our course consists of all the modules of IELTS, which is off course not a question and we also offer a course of Spoken English for people who have a low level of English but wish to do IELTS Course. We have specially designed material for the purpose of the IELTS  Exam and we offer the best training to you for the same.

Gill Sir is located in Maniangar, Daxini with all the facilities like library, listening practice and other facilities like test date booking for IELTS.

We book test dates from both British Council and IDP. 

Gill Sir has a varied experience in the field of education from more than 18 years. We also offer you the best Visa support and guidance for Visa application to Canada.

If you want to apply for IELTS Test, you can login below and apply. Gill Sir also offers you support in IELTS test date registration.



Gill Sir Speaks in his first ever video on TV News Channel.

Speaks about the facts of IELTS

Gill Sir aka S S Gill speaks about various issues related to the IELTS learning, English Speaking Skills and the Visa process.

Know the facts and truths about IELTS, Spoken English and Visa Applications with Gill Sir aka S S Gill.

A direct interview for your life and career if you are interested to know what is IELTS and the Visa Application Process

Top IELTS Learning Websites

Today, I will share with you some of the websites for IELTS Learning. These websites have be considered best for IELTS learning and share good information on IELTS Test. We do not personally believe that all websites are good and have the best purpose so we have selected a few for your best use and that will give you better understanding of the IELTS test.


So let’s have a look at these websites which will be of great use to you in many ways…

  • IELTS.org. This is the official IELTS Exam site and it’s a great place to familiarise yourself with how the exam works. …
  • IELTS-simon / DCIelts. …
  • IELTS Buddy. …
  • IELTS Liz YouTube channel. …
  • IH London blog.

The first one IELTS.ORG is the official website for the IELTS. Everything about it can be trusted as all  information on it is from the official source so you can trust it in 100%. All the major changes, updates and information from this website are completely reliable.




The most popular is DC IELTS and another good source is IELTS Simon . The previous one: DC calls itself the teacher’s resource but that is not guaranteed still it is the best resource and store house of information on IELTS Exam and various study tips and material are available on this website. It is very popular among coaching institutes and classes.



This is one of my personal favourite as the tutor is good and has a good method of teaching. There is enough information on everything about IELTS. Great efforts have been made by the makers. Also, it carries major information besides being trust worthy.


read more….



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Best IELTS Coaching Class in Maninagar- Gill Sir


Gill Sir provides the best IELTS  in Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad, no one has IELTS resources, coaching and material as Gill Sir does. IELTS in Ahmedabad is taken very lightly by many students and institutes and IELTS preparation in Ahmedabad is taken for granted by many people. But today the IELTS coaching scenario is changing and people are taking IELTS classes seriously for their IELTS preparation.




Gill Sir has taken the task of IELTS coaching seriously as an important and forerunner institute in Ahmedabad. Our IELTS coaching center in Ahmedabad pays great attention to the need of IELTS planning, preparation and test. We are not a self-proclaimed institute leader in the IELTS coaching field in Ahmedabad but students have realised that our IELTS coaching makes them more competent which does not happen in any other institute in Ahmedabad.



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Spoken English Course in Maninagar- Gill Sir

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