IELTS Coaching – required or not?

Do you require IELTS Coaching or not? That is a major question to ask oneself. In most of the cases the students do not know whether the need training before they take the IELTS test or they don’t.

Gill Sir tries to give you some suggestions on the subject and bring some light and knowledge to this area.

  1. Your level of English or Spoken English Skills.

Gill Sir believes that if your level of English is good, you can surely go for an IELTS test but if its poor, it is a very bad ideas to sit for IELTS TEST.

ielts exam
suggestions by Gill Sir

Many coaching classes dupe you and some hurried or over fantasizing students give in to the wrong counselling that occurs across India in various IELTS or Visa centers. The result is that you (student) lose money and waste time.

2. Do you need Visa?

Many people tend to forget the fact that IELTS is required for people/students who are in for a Visa application and it is not a mandate for job (in most of the cases) or is not meant to improve your level of English. Unfortunately, they start looking at IELTS as a tool to enhance their skills for English while it is not meant to do so. Today, IELTS is also used to improve English and is counselled to be clubbed with a Spoken English course.

This reminds us of many situations where Gill Sir has saved 1000s of students and saved their hard earned money and valuable time.

Gill Sir saves you time and money
Time and money waste

3. Who has suggested you IELTS?

Many a times, you are suggested IELTS by some funny person who does not know anything about it. Have you ever asked an expert like Gill Sir about this. We are sure, you haven’t. So you are out to lose you time and money again which we neither wish nor like.

4. Mandatory or not?

Is IELTS mandatory? Gill Sir suggested that you should find out in your case on individual level, whether IELTS is a mandate or you can do without it. In most of the cases the students are already doing it so we can say here they behave cleverly.

be intelligent when you choose IELTS
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There are many more things that we can elaborate about but then there will be no need of Gill Sir’s Contact no.

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