Do you want to apply for Canada PR after IELTS?

There are various conditions and related methods if you wish to apply for Canada PR. At Gill Sir we give you the complete support system starting from IELTS to Visa application and your final landing to the nation of Canada.


First let us have a look at what do you need to apply for a Canada PR…

1. Assessment
The first thing is to visit Gill Sir’s office and find out whether you are eligible to apply for a Canada PR or not. Gill Sir team will do an assessment for you and get back to you with a result finding whether you are eligible or not.
2. Do IELTS.
In case you find out that you are eligible, you have to start your IELTS Coaching with Gill Sir who gives you best teaching for IELTS.

3. Application procedure
Once you get the required bands in IELTS, you can start your applicaiton for Canada PR with Gill Sir. Gill Sir team will start you Canada PR application on immediate basis.

4. Study or Work in Canada
Gill Sir offers you complete guidance to study and work in Canada along with a perfect coaching for IELTS. If you want to train with the best start your coaching with Gill Sir,now.