Changes in the IELTS

There are some noticeable changes in the IELTS Exam.

Which are they? You should know them now.

Old and New System.

The ielts has now become online test and computer based. So, now you can write your paper on the computer. You do not have to use paper based system. But the paper based test that is the old ielts has not stopped. People who wish to go for the old type of test can still go ahead for it.

Speaking module will still remain as face to face interview method and there is no change in it.

Fees for IELTS

The latest fees payment for ielts is Rs/- 13,250-  That is Thirteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifity Rupees in the Indian currency.
This fees is same for both the tests – computer based and the old paper based.

How to pay IELTS fees?

You can pay the ielts fees in the following ways.

  1. Pay ielts fees by Credit Card- This is the fatest and easiest way to pay your ielts fees.
  2. Pay ielts fees by Debit Card-  This mode of payment does not work well some times according to our experience.
  3. Pay ielts fees by Demand Draft- This mode is very safe but works very slow. You ielts fees will be update in 48 hrs.
  4. Deposit money in bank- This is also a good way to pay your ielts fees.


Changes in the ielts

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