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At Gill Sir we aim at getting every student fully prepared to crack the IELTS test. Gill Sir Oveseas is the best IELTS preparation and training institute with years of experience in teaching students from various backgrounds who primarily aim at studying abroad. Gill Sir’s  experienced trainers make use of various multimedia tools, technology and proprietary training material to deliver the best in its class IELTS training.

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15 things to consider when preparing for IELTS

Listen well

Before the listening test starts you are provided with an example. If you feel there is an issue

with your headphones or any other hardware, you should let the examiners know immediately.

For the uninitiated, the IELTS could seem to be quite intimidating. Even for a person who is

quite fluent in the language, sitting for the test actually requires a great deal of concentration

and attentiveness. So for a person who is not a regular user of English the requirement for a

greater deal of commitment to study for the test is imperative.


Tip 01 : The IELTS test is designed to test a person’s operational usability and not just basic text

book knowledge of the language. So it would help people, who do not use the language

frequently, to watch English TV shows, movies, the news and reading other English print

material like newspapers, magazines and many more. In addition, the most effective way would

be to constantly use the language with someone who is more familiar with it, and request the

person to correct you when required.

Tip 2 : is three fold. Practice! Practice! Practice! Our center will provide ample study material

and tests to help you with the actual test. These self study tests, when practiced at home or at

our master lab give you a sort of insight into what is required of each section and allowing you

to devote most of your concentration into the actual test instead of the instructions. However,

even though the mock tests and the actual test consist of the same instructions, candidates are

strongly advised to listen to the instructions given by the examiners on the actual test day. It is

just eliminates any confusion or unnecessary pressure that might creep into anyone’s mind,

when hearing instructions for the first time.

Time Management:

All throughout your study and even on the actual test day, you are under constant pressure to

find information quickly and respond accurately. Again the practice at home, allows you to

ascertain how much of time you are allowed to spend on each question, thereby allowing you

to be better prepared.

Tip for Listening test

Before the listening test starts you are provided with an example of actual test. This is a good

time to familiarize yourself with the audio being played on your headphones. If you feel that

there might be an issue with any of the hardware, sound related or anything else, you should

let the examiners know immediately. The examiners are not allowed to stop the test midway to

address a faulty piece of hardware.

While listening to the audio, you should also read the questions that correspond to the part

that is being played at the moment. Listen to the audio till the very end, even though there are

no more questions remaining.

Sometimes, the answers are not always very obvious. Most often than not the answers are in

what is implied by the speaker, rather than what is actually spoken. Again, “practice” trains

your mind to look out for these subtle implications.

There are a lot of pauses all throughout the listening test to allow students to brace and

prepare themselves for the next section. Use it wisely!

Tip for reading test

During the reading test, read through the entire passage before you attempt any questions.

However, the passage can be read with a little less scrutiny, so much as to not spend too much

time in understanding every single word. Remember, you have the text in front of you and

unlike the listening test where you get to listen to the audio only once, you have the liberty to

read the passage as many times as your heart desires. With that said, do not get tied up with

matters of the heart at a timed test.

Being devious during exam? No… Nop.. Never…

Cheating on the IELTS test is a big “No No”! Don’t do it. The consequences of getting caught are

simply just not worth the effort. Consequences may include you not being able to continue with

the test to actually being “black marked” and not being able to write another IELTS again.

Examiners are trained to not use their discretion but follow a strict set of rules laid out for

them. So if you have gotten away with it in School, remember, the IELTS test atmosphere, is a

whole different ball game.

The reading test also has an example question and answer. Study the question and answer in a

way so as to understand why the answer is correct.

Tips for writing:

During the writing test it is important to pace yourself. Make a mental note of what you are

going to write about and a deadline for when you are going to finish a certain task. Though it

may be good and easy for a person with an artistic mind to get carried away while writing an

essay, it might not be the best idea to stretch your artistic legs during an IELTS test.

Organize the essay in your head before you bring pen to paper. If required make notes before

you start. Ideally speaking, you should already have the basic idea of what you are trying to

convey, a couple of minutes after reading the title.

Try to use good vocabulary to display your ability. If you know what they mean though! If this is

not the case, stick to the type of language you are comfortable with. Big words are cool, but

make sure they serve the purpose. Your whole selection of vocabulary should be in relevance

with given topic.

Tip for speaking :

During the speaking test, it is not wise to attempt to speak in an accent that does not belong to

you. Remember that this is a test of your English ability and not a “How well you can speak like

the Queen of England” test. Get into your comfort zone. It helps.

Stick to speaking about the topic you are given. The speaking test is recorded, and a recording

device would be placed on the desk in front of you. As normal as it would be for human beings,

under high pressure situations to get distracted by devices such as this, try as much as possible

to ignore it. Speak to the person in front of you and not the recording device. It’s just polite!

Best of luck.

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