How to go to USA on student Visa without IELTS Exam?

IELTS  વિના યુએસએમાં શિક્ષણ…


USA is considered as a country of dreams. It is believed that at present 85000 Indian  students are studying in USA. The USA is very positive about offering a visa to right candidates but in most of the cases students are not able to prove their intentions when they apply for a USA student visa.

સંશોધન અભ્યાસ માટે ખૂબ જ સારી

ગુજરાતી લોકો ત્યાં સ્થાયી થયા અને ત્યાં એક મહાન સંપત્તિ બનાવી.

USA is considered very good for research study and for higher level of education.  Good jobs are available for engineers, scientists, doctors, pharmacists,etc.  World topmost and fortune companies are located in the United States of America. Also, there is no need to say that many Gujarati people have settled and made a great fortune over there.


  1. ઇ.એસ.એલ. પરીક્ષા  Do not go for IELTS but go for ESL exam. You can appear for other eligible ESL tests to cover up your need to do IELTS and go to study in USA. You can apply for a student visa without doing IELTS.
  2. પરીક્ષણની કોઈ જરૂર નથી  In case you do not opt for Bachelors or Masters then there is no need for IELTS test. In case you opt for Graduation or Masters then it is difficult to say that you will get a I20 Visa for USA.
  3. આઇઇએલટીએસ વગર અરજી કરો  There are some universities in which you can apply without IELTS Exam and they can grant you admission in their courses in USA.
  • Brock University.
  • Carleton University.
  • University of Winnipeg.
  • University of Regina

4  IELP.કરો Register for an IELP. It is very important to register for an IELP which helps you to get admission in a university of USA.


For more information visit Gill Sir in Maninagar, Ahmedabad.


Here are some of the countries where IELTS or TOEFL is not required at all and you need not take any English proficiency test at all.

Australia Ireland
Belize New Zealand
Botswana Nigeria
spoken English course

How to understand reading module of IELTS – Gill Sir

Gill Sir brings you today ideas on how to understand the IELTS  Reading module and practice it. According to us (Gill Sir), reading is one of the most important modules of the IELTS and should be prepared carefully. Gill Sir, Maninagar, has guided number of students to clear the IELTS with required bands and helped them get a Canada PR (Express Entry).

You can join Gill Sir – one of the best institutes located in Maninagar, Ahmedabad.

Here are some of the important tips to handle your IELTS reading by team Gill Sir, Maninagar.  Ahmedabad.

  1. A student should be able to build skills to understand the questions of the IELTS reading module. There are different types of questions and a studnet needs to build a great strategy to get a hold over the questions of the reading module of IELTS.
  2. According to the faculty and team of Gill Sir, a student needs to develop the skills of skimming and scanning which are very important to do reading of IELTS
  3. Speed is a very important tool in the IELTS reading exam. Gill Sir teaches you how to develop your speed in reading module of English. Our faculty at Maninagar branch help  you to gain an edge on the speed of reading of IELTS.
  4. You do not need to understand the whole passage if you want to solve it. This is a very important tip to understand IELTS reading. The Gill Sir faculty helps you to develop a great speed in the reading module of IELTS.
  5. A student should be able to develop a very good vocabulary. In his lectures, Gill Sir helps you to develop a great vocabulary and helps you to imbibe great words in a preparation for IELTS reading module.
  6. Keywords are a very important tool to understand the reading module. In the training at our Maniangar center, Gill Sir helps you to understand the concept of keywords in IELTS.
  7. Last but not the least, it is very important to understand the concepts of grammar of English. If one has a weak grammar, it makes it very difficult for students to go ahead and do well in the reading module. Gill Sir with its excellent teaching helps students master the grammar for IELTS Exam.


study in Australia - IELTS 6 AND 6.5 Bands

Ø Federation Universities, Melbourne & Sydney open for March/July 2019 (20% scholarship every semester)

Ø  University of Sunshine Coast, Melbourne & Sydney for open for March/July 2019 

Ø  Baxter Institute, Melbourne & Sydney for March/July 2019( Vocational Education Program)


Generic University Entry Requirement

Bachelors :

60% From C.B.S.E&ICSE Board (in best four core subjects) 65% From State Board (in Best four core subjects) 70% From PSEB & Haryana Board (in best four best four academic subjects)





ü  State Board 3years Diploma is acceptable as last qualification for Bachelors – first division

ü  Hindi, Music, Punjabi, Painting, Physical Education, General English, National language, Sanskrit &Home Science, are not considered in academic Subject

ü  Statement of purpose must be in student’s words (Plagiarism not allowed).

ü  Any gaps in study must be satisfactorily explained and legitimated.

ü  IELTS : 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 / PTE: 50 with no band less than 42



Section -1: 55% and Above (less than 55%, the student must have direct IELTS) Section -2: 55% and Above ((less than 55%, the student must have direct IELTS) Section -3 : 60% % and Above


ü  No more than 15 backlogs in 3 years and 20 backlogs in 4 years Bachelor degree.

ü  Applicant holding nursing qualification is not accepted

ü  BA pass out student is acceptable with 3 academics.

ü  Interstate distance education is not acceptable Except central university like IGNOU

ü  Applicant holding one Master’s and applying for another Master’s must provide strong SOP.

ü  IELTS: 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 is for direct entry  & 6.0 with no band less than 5.5

ü  PTE: 50 with not band less than 50 is for direct entry

ü Cash salary is acceptable with evidence to support the salary (Like ITR, salary slips)

ü Marriage should be 1 years old and spouse should also have a strong profile.


E is the most used letter in English-

We surely never discussed that E is the most used word in English. WOW!

ghost words in English
Ghost Words

Ghost Words

We can call some words – Ghost …oooooo

Why do we call them ghost words? These words are Ghost words because they are used many times by many people but they do not actually have any meaning.


If you rearrange letters in a word you get new word and that is an Anagram.

  • customers” = “store scum”
  • “forty five” = “over fifty”
  • “restful” = “fluster”


Is it possible to build words without vowel. Yes, it is possible. One  such  long word is

Rhythm which does not have a vowel.

ambigram in english


There are words in a language that you can see upside down in water and they not change. One such words is SWIMS.


The script of English language is not original. The language uses script of Latin language. Most of the languages have their own script but not English. Like English, other languages also use Latin script.







Study in Canada with IELTS - Gill Sir

IELTS Coaching in Maninagar

Study in Canada with IELTS - Gill SirGill Sir is an IELTS Coaching institute in Maninagar. No need to say that it is considered the best institute in the field of IELTS training and classes. It has extraordinary facilities that help the student build his/her career in various ways.

Study in Canada with IELTS - Gill Sir

IELTS Coaching in nothing new the Gill Sir. Do you stay in Maninagar? Or are you  looking for classes in Maninagar, then you can walk-in at Gill Sir’s to get the best information, guidance and support for IELTS.

You can find a number of students who have successful achieved 7.5 bands in IELTS with Gill Sir’s Coaching. There are at least 10 students whom we can count on as getting 9/9 in reading and listening module of IELTS from our Maninagar branch alone.

Study in Canada with IELTS - Gill Sir

Study in Canada- Gill Sir, Maninagar

Gill Sir gives you Canada student visa support. Gill Sir gives you Canada student visa advice, counselling, guidance and helps in file submission process to college and embassy. We have many success stories and we have made it a point that failure is a stepping stone in life. Gill Sir has students who have made it from scratch ( refer our YouTube Videos – Aarpan Patel) like Simranpreet and Nikita whose file was lost and had no hope.(Gill Sir team pulled out the file and got the Canada visa for the student.
Study in Canada with IELTS - Gill Sir
Gill Sir and its team has complete knowledge and understanding to handle your visa file and put it across in the embassy. If WES is required, WES is done if you need a LMAI, we make it sure that it is done. In short, the |Gill Sir| keeps a hold on your VISA process for Canada.

IELTS Coaching

The Gill Sir started its journey from a person teaching IELTS and doing Spoken English journey and has turned itself into a VISA company which offers you all solutions under the sun. “We are very straight forward and humane in our approach”, says Poonam Gill, the director of Gill Sir Overseas and Education Pvt Ltd. India.

The director Mr. S.S. Gill has made it a point the clarity and transparency are the thumb rules of the organisation and we need to stick to it. Gill Sir has many up coming project infact outside the field of education but we have it clear in our mind that nothing escapes the sphere of education and life itself is education.

Study Abroad- Canada

Study in Canada with IELTS - Gill SirToday, the Gill Sir not only does visa and student admission for Canada, but also for France and Spain and has direct tie ups with its agents abroad and keeps strong local hold and command in the field of Visa counselling and student admission for Canada and European countries.

Gill Sir strongly works with French colleges and Spanish universities and gives complete support and guidance to the students for the admission process. Provided if the student needs IELTS, there is no need to say that Gill Sir team is there for it.

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