Free IELTS Essay Samples for Reference

My Dream – Essay Sample 4.5

My Dream – Essay Sample 4.5 bands. This essay sample is only 4.5 bands which is written by a student. MY DREAM I have lot of dreams like to become a successful entrepreneur, cricketer, good speaker, swimmer, and more other things. But my favourite dream is become a successful entrepreneur it is my dream because […]

Developed Countries – IELTS Essay by Student

Developed Countries – IELTS Essay by Student In this modern era most of people are going to the developed countries for better lifestyle, wage and a huge amount of leisure time. There are various advantages and disadvantage of the developed countries. First, I would like discuss some of the merits of developed countries. Some of […]

Bollywood Movies – Influence

This is a sample essay on Bollywood movies describing their influence on young people with some examples.   Today, everybody watches Bollywood movies and they spend time and energy going to Cineplex and buy tickets to gratify their senses but is it really worth to do so? I do not think so and here are […]

Sri Aurobindo – An Essay

Here is an sample essay on Sri Aurobindo in 250 word limit. Sri Aurobindo- An Essay. Sri Aurobindo is not as popular as Tagore or other patriots, scholars and yogis but in his philosophy, learning and knowledge he was far beyond others of his kind; in fact he is a unique and we can really […]

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