Book for IELTS Preparation

Books to Prepare for IELTS exam. Prepare for IELTS now

What are the best books for IELTS Preparation? know about the IELTS material. Basics

All books and study material for IELTS is not the best or cannot be considered to be useful. Be-aware before you start using any book for IELTS. There is much study material in the market which is doubtful.

gill sir gives you the list of books that will surely lead students to best results. Using these books for your IELTS preparation means moving to the right directions for your IELTS preparation.

There are many IELTS books which are completely free but most of them are not upto the mark and do not serve a student’s purpose.

Most of the books which are authentic and are available as hardcopy books or softcopy books are from the IDP, British, IELTS Cambride- which is the offical test maker in the field. Besides, there are other companies which have done authentic work and gill sir will try to list the out for students of IELTS.

Cambridge IELTS Series.

A series of books that is a must have for IELTS is the Cambridge Official Series for IELTS.

books for ielts preparation

IELTS preparation Books

These series of IELTS preparation are supposed to be the best for students’s use.  A student will never face any problem if he/she is using the IELTS Cambridge series.  At our institute – gill sir-  we use these series to help students go ahead with their IELTS Coaching.


Barrons - A book to prepare from.  

Book for IELTS preparation

IELTS Exam books

Barrons is a book which is of an average level but far better than general books available for IELTS preparation in the books market. It has sufficient tests, basic ideas and an overall view of the IELTS. Though Barrons unlike Cambrige is not an ultimate solution for IELTS preparation and exam practice, it is a good reference material for IELTS.


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