Navdeep Singh challenges IELTS and asks better assessment.

Navdeep Singh an upcoming Punjabi politician from the Party Greens has verbally criticized the system of IELTS and wishes to re-modify the system in Australia so that more and more people get an opportunity be become a PR of Australia.

Navdeep had a complete interview in Punjabi and he explained himself on various issues and changes that are required in a country like Australia.

IELTS and its system was one of the targets that he had set himself on besides social differences, environment and political approaches in Australia.  Mr. Singh called the political methods of Australia to be old school and un-developing and wants to bring a greater change in Australia.

Navdeep Singh pointed out that many times student has to appear for IELTS again and again which is not a very happy news. He also said that many students feel as if harassed and their time an energy is wasted in a bad way.

He pointed out many issues in the system of IELTS and he made many bold statements in the relation of the system of IELTS.

However, he finally said that his party will bring many changes to the system of IELTS and will be more co-operative and helpful to immigrants of Canada, may be he was pointing out the Indian applicants.

We wish that Indian get more citizen ships once his party Greens comes to power.





The English Teacher – Movie

The English Teacher –

The movie does not seem to be that interesting. Just by looking at the trailer, it seems that it is a very boring or rather an annoying movie.

The actors don’t seem to be interesting and they don’t really seem to attract the audience. Though the theme seems to be quite good; the movie is not so catchy.

There is not much entertainment in the movie and it does not seem to pull up the a good image when it comes to create interest in the audience.

This movie looks dull and as we can say is very slow moving. We wonder how could some creates miss so many things that this movie, The English teacher affords to do.

Most of the audience reviews are very bad and they say that they expected comedy which they did not find in this movie.

So we can say only one thing, that money spent on the movie is not worth it and it is better to and watch another movie rather than The English Teacher and infact there are many better things to do in life than

a movie.


It is possible that a few people would have watched it because of Julia Moore but finally that isn’t a way out to the right kind of success for a movie. Julia Moore cannot hold the movie and the caste overall is said to be good one which also could not save the movie to fall at the box office.

As an English teacher, I find nothing about English in the movie. It is an English drama in English language but there is nothing to learn about English as we expect from the title- The English Teacher.

Why is English a world language?

English has become a world language due to various reasons….

There are multiple reasons behind the phenomenon and they are justifiable. English was made to or kept on gaining importance; both the facts seem to be true equally.

english gill sir

It is not a story of a single day but it is a process that made English a world language.

Is there politics and power involved in it? Hundred percent, there is complete background of Politics and Power behind English being pushed as a world language.

The whole story beings when the British started to rule the whole world and it was said that the sun never sets in the British Empire and indeed that was so. The Britishers ruled the whole earth at a point of time and if there was night in one part of the British Empire, there was morning in the other part of it.

In such circumstances and due to various reasons British language was supposed to be the world language.

The first need was to communicate. The officers and the locals could only communicate through English as there was not other medium and source for the British and they was rare that they adopted to the local language but in turn they wanted the locals to adopt to their mother tongue.

The second was their need to dominate the world which was their focus and the English language was the best source to impress in the minds of the people that English be adopted and supersedes leaving a psychological impact on the minds of the dominated race.

So, the English consciously decided to force or help the states with English where ever they dictated.

Now, in the process what happened? English which was supposed to dominate started adopting the languages of the places they ruled. Today, English has Arabic, Hindi, German, Celtic words in its vocabulary and the  reason is the adoption of foreign language that happened as a part of give and take that happened between Britishers and the oppressed.

So, today we see a completely new form of English and this can be realized only by people who have read and understood the old English a little bit.

Kaala Movie Rajnikanth, Nanapatekar

Kaala- The Movie

The movie Kaala is symbolic of darkness and light. On one side there is the darkness Kaala which is acutally light and on the other there is a man who wears white clothes but has a black heart symbolized and played by Nana Patekar.

The more is not only about a war between two classes of society but also it is a great battle between the inequality, un-ideal, imbalanced society and the ideal, equal and balanced mindset.  On one side there is the great ego of a man who wants to conquer territory on the basis of his power and money and on the other there is a man who is not devoid of ego – Rajnikanth, who wants to do good to the people and is a situational leader.

The betrayal of the hero and dire battle fought between two forces and the ability to sacrifice one’s loved ones is another underlying theme of this story.

Kaala is not only the story of Dharavi Basti of Mumbai but also the story of every man or woman who wants to be and stay in an ideal world at this time but our society and its structure does not permit that.

The movie is not about a physical battle but also about a psychological battle of ego domination which is seen in the character played by Mr. Nanapatekar. Dharavi also symbolizes poverty which is happy about itself and Nana is all about riches which is sad in spite of flourishing.


Overall, Kaala is a brilliant movie and a must watch package. I recommend this movie to people who want to understand our society and some problems that it has.

Study in Canada – Spain – Australia-

To study in Canada is the first option for the students of Gujarat, Punjab and Hyderabad. There are surely sensible reasons for them to do so and we may not object to them. But the fact is that all do not succeed in their goal and reach Canada and there are a few reasons for that.


  1. Do not have a required degree.
  2. Did not complete the IELTS successfully.
  3. Have a big backlog and re-tests during their course.
  4. There is a big gap during their studies.
  5. No prepared financially for the same.

These are some of the major reasons why students fail to reach Canada a student. Among these students many try illegal methods which also does not give them any fruitful result.

Once you understand that you fall under the category of the above five reasons, you can opt for countries like Australia, New Zealand or European nations. One of the major reasons to suggest this is – you can apply at a very low level of band and can bypass the rule of backlogs.  In this way, you become eligible to apply and get admission to foreign country which gives you an international degree valid across the world.

Many students do not agree to this and keep on continuing their application and either because of their own mindset or pushed by an agent. Under any circumstance this is wrong due to the reason; it completely wastes your time and energy.


How can you improve English Skills?

English Skills

Some of the important methods to improve your English.

It is very important for you to improve English today. Do we need this to remind and make a point. No you already know that you have to improve English Skills.

Some of the important techniques to improve your English skills is given by our Gill Sir team.

First of all you should be ready to make mistakes and should not be afraid to make number of errors if you wish to improve your knack of over English.

You should also try to find an environment that is full of English which helps you to improve your skills of listening, reading and writing English.

  1. As  a student of English, you should try to practice the skills everyday without fail.
  2. Try to keep a note book that helps you the track of how are you skills in English.
  3. Find new words of English and and keep a good hold over the ability of mastering English vocabulary.
  4. Watch English movies and keep track of English listening and conversation from it.
  5. Ask your vendor to drop you an English news paper daily so that you learn English reading skills.
  6. You should learn punctuation of English which is very important. Learn full stop, comma, inverted commas,etc
  7. You can record your own voice in English and listen to it. Find your mistakes and see whether you are able to speak well.
  8. Get a very good English dictionary. It will you in may ways to gain compe


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some quotes about English language

Here are some of the most beautiful quotes about English and on English language. There are a must

read if you love English and want to learn it.  Some of them are general quotes about learning English.


Learn these quotes of English and try to make them a part of your life and lingua.

To have another language is to possess a second soul. ‒ Charlemagne

English is like music. The English language is really fit for singing. The notes match the feelings, and it makes sense.

Ken Watanabe

“If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.”

Doug Larson

The Divinity could be invoked as well in the English language as in the French.

Wilfrid Laurier

“English is a funny language; that explains why we park our car on the driveway and drive our car on the parkway.”

Viewed freely, the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all.

Walt Whitman

A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language.

Gaston Bachelard

When the English language gets in my way, I walk over it.

Billy Sunday

“The two most beautiful words in the English language are ‘check enclosed.’”

Dorothy Parker

I’ve made a dog’s breakfast of English history, geography, ‘King Lear,’ and the English language in general.

Christopher Moore

“The English language has a deceptive air of simplicity; so have some little frocks; but they are both not the kind of thing you can run up in half an hour with a machine.”

Dorothy L. Sayers

Particularly for English people, Shakespeare is always at the forefront of both drama and the English language. He’s always been there. I can’t remember starting school and not learning about him.

Jamie Campbell Bower

Language comes first. It’s not that language grows out of consciousness, if you haven’t got language, you can’t be conscious.

Alan Moore

Pronouns in English

Do you think Pronouns are important to learn in English? Yes, offcourse they are important to learn


Subject Pronoun Object Pronoun Possessive Adjective (Determiner) Possessive Pronoun Reflexive or Intensive Pronoun
1st person singular I me my mine myself
2nd person singular you you your yours yourself
3rd person singular, male he him his his himself
3rd person singular, female she her her hers herself
3rd person singular, neutral it it its itself
1st person plural we us our ours ourselves
2nd person plural you you your yours yourselves
3rd person plural they them their theirs themselves


Some of the pronouns of English which are basic and native to English and are important for leaner to adapt and learn.


Here is a video for your reference.




Tenses of English

English language Tenses


What is the meaning of Tense? Do you know?

The meaning of Tense is “Time”. And that is the exact function of the tenses to tell you the time.


Here is a video for your reference so that you can have a better idea.

(At Gill Sir we teach to you master the tenses of English and help you understand and put them to use in your daily life.)

Mostly all languages have 3 three tenses- Present- Past – Future-

Then then are further 4 sub types of them.


Learn and understand the tenses of English which are very important to master. Progress with tenses and improve your English.

Know the basic tenses in English language and the 12 ways of writing them which are given below.


Practically these tenses are called simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous in the given order below of 1 to 4 in each.


Sentences of Present Tense

I work hard

I am working hard

I have worked hard

I have been working hard


Sentences of Past Tense

I worked

I was working

I had worked

I had been working



Sentences of Future Tense

I will work

I will be working

I will be have worked

I will have been working

It is very important to master these tenses to improve your English language.