IELTS Class in Maninagar

Inquire today about our ielts class in maninagar – Ahmedabad gill sir offers IELTS Coaching and Student  VISA services and Canada Express Entry services for Canada. If you are a resident of Ahmedabad near Maninagar, you can take the best advantage of our services. The gill sir has a Spoken English classes/training course to fulfill your need of learning English language. Visit today – gill sir, Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Study in Canada
Spoken English
Study in Canada

Wish to go to Canada. Get 100% free counselling for all countries from the leading student visa consultant in Maninagar.

Study in   Canada- Australia- France- USA- Spain- France-

Study in Canada with IELTS – minimum 6.5 bands required. Apply with lowest fees and lowest charges. Complete Process done at Gill Sir.

All the Best for your IELTS Classes and Visa applications by gill sir @ Maninagar!

Kewal Feels Great About IELTS with Gill Sir.

USA not included in free counselling by Gill Sir

Spoken English

Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad

Spoken English Course in Maninagar - Join Now, Gill Sir is the best teacher near you!

A unique Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad by Gill Sir who has best experience of teaching English

Students who completed Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad at Gill Sir.

Gill Sir is the  a premier Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad. The institute has made major achievement in Spoken English Classes in Ahmedabad.

Are you looking for the  best Spoken English Classes of Ahmedabad contact us now –

Gill Sir came into the lime light when it was awarded by Shri Vishvanathan Anand as the best Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad and a recognized Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad.

Having gained this award for Spoken English Classes, quality has been the prime focus in our English Speaking Class

We did not stop as just short at English teaching methods but our institute for Spoken English Classes started providing better classes, environment, English learning facilities and study material in Ahmedabad. We started to teach with better methods and ideas and our Spoken English students- teaching them English conversation, English Speaking books, while providing English study material, English app and software,,etc.

Spoken English Classes are taught by S.S. Gill at our Ahmedabad tutorial

The founder and Spoken English tutor of Ahmedabad,
Gill Sir teaches the English Speaking Classes himself.

He has dedicated 18 years for teaching Spoken English both inside and outside Ahmedabad. Gill Sir has not only taught Spoken English and its grammar but he also taught English for competitive exams like the Bank, CMAT, Talati, SBI,,etc.

The Gill Sir’s Spoken English classes came to be well known everywhere in Ahmedabad and the institute gained respect because of the hard work and dedication of S.S. Gill and his wife Poonam Gill.

Spoken English Classes are conducted here in a very lucid way and students are motivated to work hard and learn nuances of Spoken English. In Ahmedabad, we are sure that students will not be able to find any other Spoken English institute teaching that way and there are very few classes offering classes such an affordable fees.

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Gill Sir gives you solution for your need of Spoken English Classes in Ahmedabad

  •  Are you planning to go abroad? Do you need to learn Spoken English
  • Is your BUSINESS Disturbed due to lack of proficiency in Spoken English?
  • Do you want to Prepare for interviews and require Spoken English Classes?
  • Do you lack confidence?
  • Want to do a short term/crash course in Spoken English?

A Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad was not a big deal in past. There were very few classes for Spoken English from which you can choose.

But today the scenario is different, students have a wide array of choices if they want to join a Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad. In this kind of situation, Gill Sir has come up with best solution if you wish to learn English at a Spoken English Class like ours.

You can book a free demo session and take free Spoken English Class after you visit our class in Ahmedabad. After a free Spoken English demo Class a student will be able to decide freely which class does he wants to select among so many Spoken English Classes of Ahmedabad.

Personalized Coaching for English

Our Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad is meant to support you have a personalized experience in learning English. We offer the best training for Spoken English in Ahmedabad.

This is not just a claim. We mean it and our English teaching practices confirm that you will get the best teaching of Spoken English in Ahmedabad.

Gill Sir guarantees that after you attend our Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad, you will surely be able to speak English fluently without errors and mistakes.

To ensure that we offer you best grammar sessions so that you are able to speak the best English. Our Spoken English Class in Ahmedabad is focused on teaching you the best techniques of reading, writing and listening cum speaking methods of English.


IELTS Class in Maninagar

IELTS Coaching Class by Gill Sir in Ahmedabad

The Best IELTS Class of Ahmedabad  is in Maninagar, Daxini.  Gill Sir.  This class/institute offers you  useful learning and teaching tools for IELTS,- reading, writing, speaking and listening. Also Gill Sir offers TOEFL and PTE.

An IELTS Class in Ahmedabad - with great achievements 

In the last 18 years of educational experience in English teaching Gill Sir has trained over 10,000 candidates for IELTS Classes in Ahmedabad. At present our center is located in Maninagar, Daxini locality. 

At our IELTS class the course  is designed to achieve more than 99% percent of success ration.

Most of our students  achieve 7 bands in IELTS exam so that is the reason we are the most preferable in Ahmedabad for IELTS and are awarded this little.

In a period of just 5 years, Gill Sir became  the top ten IELTS classes in Ahmedabad and challenged the IELTS  learning and teaching methods of all  the classes of Ahmedabad.

Students can find  our  reviews and testimonials to know what makes Gill Sir’s Institue the best  IELTS Class, and the best IELTS Coaching in Maninagar.

Our class offers IELTS General/Academic training for IELTS – UKVI and Life Skills program, PTE and TOEFL

The institute offers multiple batch timings for IELTS/TOEFL and PTE coaching. Gill Sir and all the Faculty are dedicated for round the clock problem-solving and ensures desired results for your IELTS score.

Besides our Spoken English  classes focus on developing student’s personality, confidence and offer complete support with a spoken English. Personalized IELTS and PTE coaching and Spoken English classes are also available at IELTS Class in Ahmedabad

S S Gill, the Director with Vishvanathan Anand Sir

Know about our students who completed English Skills course and did IELTS successfully.

Gill Sir is the best IELTS  Class in Ahmedabad / Spoken English Classes – Gill Sir  IELTS Coaching Center is located at  Maninagar, Daxini Society. Ahmedabad. Gujarat
IELTS aspirants can get the IELTS best coaching along with – IELTS Free Material- Best for  Coaching in Maninagar (Ahmedabad)  Gujarat Gill Sir – the is an  IELTS institute which offers you – Fast Track and Regular for IELTS-  also Visa Assistance After IELTS – Techniques- Short Cuts for IELTS Test- Guaranteed Result- IELTS 7 Band Teaching-

What do we offer if you join our IELTS Class in Ahmedabad?

Multiple Faculty- Computer- Library- Free Books-  Notes-Grammar- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking improvement and practice for IELTS – Regular Tests- Mock Tests- Study Visa Guidance and Support- Facilities… Facility to learn Spoken English basics

Students who got more extraordinary bands at our classes in Ahmedabad….

Our  IELTS Students Got 9 band in different IELTS modules – Our Students Got 8 band in IELTS overall- Our Students Got 9 band in IELTS reading module – Our Students Got 9 bands in listening module.

Students can come to our IELTS/English language centre today and ask for the list of IELTS students who have got 7 bands after our coaching. Get Gill Sir’s IELTS Coaching today for best result in IELTS. Now, IELTS students have found the best for IELTS preparation- The Gill Sir’s IELTS Class (along with your student visa guidance 100% free) We make IELTS Training Lucid and Simplified for IELTS aspirants.  The Gill Sir, a language class is equipped with one of the biggest IELTS training Class rooms and best IELTS Coaching center-  Gill Sir gives you best visa guidance by counselling you for your  study abroad and educational need as well. for IELTS Coaching Class in Ahmedabad, Maninagar. We also offers Spoken English Course-  Ask For Gill Sir’s Institute  today. Number of students aspiring to make it in English, who got above 7 bands. Free Overseas/Visa, Study Abroad Consultation at Gill Sir with IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Coaching. Also learn Spoken English in Maninagar

Ask about IELTS coaching at Gill Sir today – Know why you should go for IELTS exam? Is IELTS mandatory for you? Should you choose TOEFL, IELTS or the PTE.

Read below to understand the basics of IELTS.

IELTS Class in Ahmedabad- Gill Sir. IELTS  Class in Ahmedabad.

Gill Sir is the best IELTS Institute if you are looking for the top 10 IELTS Classes in Maniangar, Ahmedabad. Gill Sir’s IELTS Coaching will give you best IELTS exam results. Located in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. Learn Spoken English Advanced level.

IELTS is a mandatory test in most of the cases like if you want to study abroad, live or get PR, or if you want to get a work visa/permit. Gill Sir offers you the ultimate opportunity to get the best edge over the IELTS. We, the Gill Sir offer you the best training for IELTS in Ahmedabad Maninagar,.  With number of 7.5 band success stories, Gill Sir gives you the opportunity to do IELTS and also Spoken English Course/English Skills and training at very affordable fees. Gill Sir at its Maninagar branch, Ahmedabad also books your IELTS dates and gives you the best available coaching/and training for the IELTS. Gill Sir gives ample material to is students for IELTS preparation and basic  IELTS learning. We, at Gill Sir are committed to excellence when it comes to IELTS Coaching and Training. Call Gill Sir today to find out about IELTS Coaching Classes and get the best opportunity to do IELTS. Also, Spoken English training in Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Inquire today about our IELTS Coaching and Student  VISA services and Canada Express Entry, if you are in Ahmedabad, Maninagar. Join Spoken English today at Gill Sir, Maninagar, Ahmedabad

What is IELTS?
Teaching English
What is IELTS?

IELTS  class in Maninagar. (Ahmedabad)


What does it test?

It tests your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in  English as compared to native users of English language like the Britishers and the Australians.

Where is it used?

This test is used for immigration visas, student visas and for work permits abroad. The non-native users whose mother tongue is not English are tested and allotted bands. The bands are rated on the scale of 0-9. 0 being the lowest indicating a non-user and 9 being an advanced user with skills like a native advanced user of English.

A candidate must of minimum 16 years of age if he wants to appear for IELTS. Today IELTS is the most acceptable test among the all the English Language Testing Systems across the world.

IELTS test Fees

Today, the minimum fees to appear in the IELTS is 13,250. Thirteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty Rupees for each time you appear in the test. and there is no limitation as to how many times can you appear in the test.

There are two modules of IELTS which are Academic and General. It consists of four modules- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

IELTS Exam Dates

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TOEFL is an important test for the USA visa applications If you wish to apply for your I20, TOEFL being an computer based English test is very useful for that purpose..

Gill Sir is the only coaching institute in Maninagar which offers you highly systematized training and support system for TOEFL.

After your TOEFL result Gill Sir gives you complete support for your i20 application to the USA. If as a student you wish to achieve best results in the TOEFL test, you should choose Gill Sir: a coaching institute which helps you obtain best results in the TOEFL exam

Teaching English